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Shipping Container News

In keeping with the company’s expansion in the shipping container business Bullman Marine have now opened their second depot north of their existing facility. This new depot will provide additional ... read more
It may come as a surprise to anyone out there looking at the prices of containers for sale just how much they can vary from month to month and from ... read more
It doesn’t seem so long ago that the world was stunned with the launch of the Emma Maersk the first of a new class of vessel able to carry the ... read more
Just like any other business companies such as ourselves that sell shipping containers may have offers on from time to time and have a sale in January. Even though they ... read more
There are many different types of shipping container on the market ranging from standard sizes such as 20ft dry vans and 40ft high cubes to some of the more obscure ... read more
Many architects, designers and creative companies are finding that shipping containers make the ideal base for many pop up concepts. Here at Bullmans we have converted shipping containers into pop up ... read more
So you’re in the market for a shipping container, you want a cheap price but not cheap service. The internet is a good place to start with loads of sites ... read more
At present Tilbury is the nearest container port to London. Our depot is close by and for over 37 years has provided storage, handling and repairs for containers coming to ... read more
The term ISO container is another word used to describe a shipping container and is a reference to its standard size and dimensions. If you are offered an ISO container for ... read more
Storage 24 is a new horror film written and produced by Noel Clarke, who also stars in the film. This movie is set in a storage facility in London and ... read more
Being such a versatile, secure and readily available product it is hardly surprising that shipping containers are being widely used for the many events taking place this year. There are ... read more
People buy containers for all sorts of reasons, many for additional secure storage, and others for bespoke uses. From time to time circumstances change and you may find yourself in ... read more
With shipping containers in the U.K still in such short supply the lines and leasing companies are placing ever greater emphasis on fast turnaround times. Equipment is almost on ... read more
Just as shipping container prices looked set to soften the factories in China are thought to be considering closing. As new container orders continue to dwindle and factory yards remain ... read more
Bulk goods needing temperature controlled storage are ideally suited to reefers. For sale in the same sizes as conventional containers most chilled and frozen applications can be catered for. Not ... read more
Shipping container prices have risen, many looking to buy will be seeking out the cheapest option and who would blame them? A quick search on the internet will return ... read more
Trying to sort your goods inside a shipping container in pitch darkness can be problematic to say the least. A torch or car headlights can solve the problem but fitting ... read more
With so many containers for sale being offered by companies and depots you may wonder what on earth they are all being used for. Some are still used for shipping ... read more
Bullmans have today had installed a brand new CCTV system to cover their container depot and self storage site. The current CCTV equipment has been replaced with a state of ... read more
Despite a slight drop in prices for new containers in China just recently used container prices are still rising. Until such time as supply increases and overstocking forces the hand ... read more

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