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One Trippers Vary In Quality

Wednesday, 18th November 2009
The cost of buying a new shipping container from most companies will be fairly similar, as will the colour choices usually either green, brown or blue. From a distance they may even appear to all look the same. However there is a huge variation in the quality of equipment being offered for sale as one trip units. Some new containers will have been built to the lowest specifications possible to meet the requirements for CSC plating for shipping. By doing this the company originally having them built can save considerable amounts of money from the factory by ordering lower specifications before offering them for sale. Areas where companies cut back are steel thickness. This has an obvious long term effect by shortening the lifespan of the container. It will be more susceptible to corrosion and damage and in certain cases the rating of the box may be less for loaded and empty stacking. Paint is another crucial element of the build that is often subjected to cutbacks. Rather than the 3 coats of zinc rich marine grade paint used to protect the steel from the elements some new containers are only sprayed with one coat at factory. Here as well as lowered corrosion resistance, the slightest impact can expose the bare steel beneath. The amount of vents on the sidewalls can also vary from build to build and company to company. Cheap new containers will usually have only 1 vent per side, better quality equipment will have from 3 to 5 vents per side giving much improved airflow inside. Flooring too differs a great deal depending on who you are buying from. Some companies provide 28mm marine, varnished, hardwood plywood which will last a long time and is easy to clean and repair. Other companies however use bamboo, steel or unvarnished plywood on their floors which may not last as long will be more difficult to maintain. When buying a new container and comparing the prices offered you should also check that the build quality meets your needs.

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