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Insulated Containers Proving Popular

Wednesday, 22nd July 2009
Standard steel shipping containers can suffer from condensation. The winter months when the container itself is very cold is often the most troublesome period. If not adequately ventilated and left unchecked for prolonged periods moisture from condensation can damage goods. Should you be considering spending time inside your container either as a workshop or store it is also worth considering that the steel exterior will provide little shelter from the temperature outside. During the summer months the heat inside a container can reach very high levels making working inside uncomfortable and possibly damaging goods sensitive to heat. The same situation but in reverse can be said for the cold in winter. Insulated containers provide an ideal solution. They are available as purpose built containers usually with a porthole in one end. These porthole containers were designed to be connected to huge refrigeratation systems at ports and on board vessels. Another more common option are non-working reefers or refrigerated containers. The body of these containers are very similar to porthole containers with insulated sidewalls, roofs and floors lined with aluminium or stainless steel, for the hygienic transport of foodstuffs. On one end of these containers is the refrigeration machinery. It is possible to purchase refrigerated containers with the machinery in non-working condition at a reduced price. Another option is to have your standard container lined and insulated. With this more bespoke option you can specify your choice of lining and insulation to meet your budget or requirements. Options include many different materials for the lining from plywood to powder coated aluminium and the insulation varies in material, thickness and u-values.

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