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Windows Shed Light On Container Conversions

Wednesday, 2nd September 2009
The addition of windows in the sides or ends of a shipping container can be a very worthwhile modification. With doors at only one end of a container the amount of natural light inside a freight container can be limited. A typical container conversion will involve fitting a personnel door, lining and insulating the container and the addition of aluminium framed, sliding windows with lockable steel shutters on the outside. Some companies have opted to remove larger sections of the container sidewalls or ends and have their container converted to include much larger windows, either in glass or polycarbonate. These make ideal exhibition or display units to be used for retail or marketing. The benefit of polycarbonate over glass is that it is much less likely to shatter during transportation. The sides and ends of a shipping container provide strength and stability and are subjected to an amount of twisting during transportation. Also once on site polycarbonate is generally seen to be more vandal proof than glass. However should glass be the preferred option for your container conversion there is always the possibility of having the aperture cut and frame fitted before, and the glazing done once delivered and the shipping container is static.

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