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How to sell a shipping container

Friday, 13th May 2011

The first thing to do is find companies that buy shipping containers such as Bullmans. If you are looking to sell equipment then most people buying will need to know the condition. The best way to do this is to take a few digital photographs in and out and then attach them to an email and send it over to anyone buying a freight container. By seeing the overall condition of the box an accurate price can be made.

Another factor that anyone buying an ISO container from you will have to consider is the transport. Although the unit had to have been delivered at some point over the years sites can change a great deal. Walls or fences, even buildings, are often erected that hinder collection so access is something to bear in mind. The container will need to be empty too, most storage and repair depots will not want to take in a loaded container and conventional crane mounted transport can only lift certain weights.

Any conversions or modifications to the container will also have an effect on price. Additional doors or windows that have been fitted by a professional depot should add value. Holes drilled or cut into the container for cables or pipework however will be something that most companies will have to repair before being able to sell the box on again.

If you have temporarily finished with the box and will need to use it again in the future why not have it collected and returned to a container depot such as those in London and Essex for storage. There your container can be inspected, repaired and modified if needs be or simply stacked and then redelivered at a later date.

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