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Products Exhibited From Containers

Monday, 11th January 2010
The show season is fast approaching and shipping containers are now widely used as exhibition stands. For companies that market their goods at multiple exhibitions both in the U.K and abroad, the cost of getting external companies to provide stands at each individual event can mount up. Then there is the logistics of storing the stands and moving them from show to show. Quite often stands are dumped after each event and new ones purchased each time. shipping containers are an ideal solution. Side door containers open fully along one or both sides and a 20ft unit is perfect. A decking area outside the container can be created easily as can lighting and seating inside the container, all standard container conversions. Promotional materials can be hung inside and out, vinyl decals and logos can also be attached to the container. Being 8 foot 6inches high the roof of the container can also be used either as a separate meeting area with a staircase and handrails or as a base for bill boards and advertisements. Being at height you will really stand out from the crowd and draw the attentions of those walking around the show viewing your products or services for sale. The added benefit of using a container is that they are waterproof and are not easily moved in winds, meaning outdoor events are catered for regardless of the weather. Once a show is finished everything can be packed inside the container, locked away and placed in storage ready to be transported to the next event by road, rail or sea.

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